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PORTIELJE Gérard (1856 – 1929)  The Ches


time  to  play  chess...

Toucher est jouer


Means that the player who plays during a  chess game  it is his move, declares his intention to straighten one or more pieces on the board. This makes the rule  Piece touchée  (touch-is-move  - if you touch a piece, you have to play with it) temporarily inoperative.


Chepizhny chess puzzle from 1966. 

White is on the move and black mates in two moves.

Nice brain teaser right?


Between all it  tough  work a moment of reflection. Physiotherapy again soon and so I take my painkiller oxycodone. This twice in one day. It really hurts. The physiotherapist is forced to bend the leg, a straight leg is difficult.  So my day consists of learning to walk, racking the pain from the physio, actually total rehabilitation.

You may already know this classic chess puzzle, but it's still fun. Good luck with thinking and if you want to know the solution you can always take a peek... Good luck

nice leg

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-07 at


  1. fracture in the worst spot, just below the knee.

  2. wait six months, but then you also have a work of art.

  3. right after the  operation . Everything looks perfect and it is now a matter of practice.

Everything is going well with the wounds on the left and right side of my leg. The stitches are now out. Together with the  physiotherapist my leg has to be moved now. Further  bend that it can, break tissue,  little by little we get my leg back in the position that  who can use the wheelchair.... but what  a pain.


Almost at the old level

As you can see  has  suffered hard until  result led. Now still a bit fat and painful, but soon back to normal. Can I just use the wheelchair again. Just a few more weeks and then hopefully the basic power will be in the  leg back....


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