Your WIX steps at a glance

Why a wix site

Advantages: easy, clear, in Dutch, plenty of options to start your site.

Disadvantages: difficult to switch to another provider.  

You have chosen a wix site. How does it work now, creating your wix site. I'd be happy to help you on your way. You can also download my step-by-step plan.


Register at

After you've done this first step, you can choose a template that we're going to edit. It is nice that everything on the wixsite is written in Dutch.

Choose template

Choose the template that suits you. We will adjust this template so that it becomes your own website.​ We choose your color, your font, your images and you can use your own texts. We leave the structure of the template intact as much as possible. 

You can upload images and videos to be placed on in your chosen template. You can write texts adapted to the template. Of course you can also customize your template with additional text or images.

Save and publish

After you are satisfied with your website, we will publish your wix site. Here you have two options.


The free version

You can't use your own domain name and you can't use many other wix options, such as SEO.


The paid version

You can  select  from  various  subscriptions.

The cheapest I recommend is Combo. You will then have no ads from wix on your site. You can  later on,  when  you  later more options such as a shop, you can adjust the subscription.

Your website  to publish 

You can register your domain name here and open a google mail account.

If you already have a domain name, that name must be linked to your wix account. These actions differ per provider.


When you arrange everything within wix  take full advantage of the convenience of wix. You can do a lot with your website. Easy to start and keep an overview.



Now you have your website. Still to be found. 

Wix has a number of options to get it done.

Put good keywords for your website. You follow the rules of google and you will certainly be found. Wix also has tools for this that you can use.

Mail newsletters

You can also send with wix. Handy if you want to create a newsletter. You can do all this  create within wix.  

gmail account