Good preparation is half the battle

Hi Inge,

Glad your dad is nice again  sporting activities. As you know, preparation is half the battle. In this time that he is being pampered, you can focus on the trip to Barbados. So let him enjoy  of all the tasty candy around him. Maybe even a book to entertain yourself. In the meantime I go for a nice walk through the Lange Lindelaan and then learn the rules of the ancient cricket.


Bat: wooden plank that is used to hit.

Batsman: player who stops or hits the ball with his bat.

Bowler: Player who throws the balls to the batsman. He is similar to the pitcher in baseball.

Wicket : 3 posts (stumps) with 2 pieces of wood (bails) on them.

Wicket-keeper: player who has to catch the bowler's balls behind the batsman.

Pitch: Rectangular area in the lawn where batsman, bowler, wickets and wicket-keeper are lined up.

Fielders: Players off the pitch trying to catch the batsman's batted balls.

Run: A successful attempt by the 2 batters (one on each side of the pitch is written on it) to get across  run off the pitch.

Over: a group of 6 correctly thrown balls by the bowler.

cricket  terms

in preparation

1966 brain teaser for your daddy. Can you sit quietly and mess around while he is busy.

hello Jan

I found this quite difficult to solve.  I was thinking of your Jan, don't be fooled. The solution is always closer than you think.
Good luck solving this brain teaser​

A 1966 Chepizhny puzzle. 

White is on the move and black mates in two moves.

Nice brain teaser right?

Toucher est jouer


Means that the player who plays during a  chess game  it is his move, declares his intention to straighten one or more pieces on the board. This makes the rule  Piece touchée  ( touch-is-move  - if one touches a piece, one has to play with it) temporarily inoperative.


Lost card

Inge & Jan,

On the windowsill I found an unopened envelope.  Do you want me to send the card or do you come and pick it up.


Let me know.>>


2021 has started

It's the first working week of the new year. 2021 has started and  everyone has expressed their best wishes. Nothing can go wrong now. You will be busy this year with unusual things. Hopefully, everything will go back to normal and you can continue to enjoy all the beauty near and far. For now just enjoy comfort food, movies,  music, dance and each other.

Regards, get well soon and good luck with the rehabilitation,




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