Playing a game again soon

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Children's games

Hi Jaap,

Last week Friday December 18th I had surgery and the plates and screws form a beautiful  statement. So, I was off the air for a while. Thanks for your message and it means you can't do everything you want yet. So persevere.


We are sorry to hear that, like many COVID-19 patients, you suffer from fatigue and difficulty getting started. Do you still get physiotherapy?

good to you  general working condition. Enjoy a nice walk or start cycling with a headwind. Enjoy a breath of fresh air and a hot chocolate at home.

Christmas 2020

Last week I spent a day at home for Christmas. Unfortunately I had to go into isolation afterwards. Tomorrow is the last day of the five. Error in communication. Five other residents also had to be in isolation after the Christmas visit.

After your quick departure from the nursing home, several more chess players came by. Among them is a certain Paul, competition and tournament chess player, member of two chess clubs. Well, unfortunately I couldn't handle a chess game with so much violence. He was soon gone. Also Piet, an old vice principal with dementia but a good chess player, gym teacher Jan, who has a very special view of the world, with a broken hip. Quite a nice group that was playing chess or checkers every evening at seven o'clock.


"The game of chess"

Paul Emanuel Gaisser

Dutch New Year's Eve sleeping

For now Jaap, keep your wits about you and practice walking, cycling and of course playing chess. Then we'll play a game again soon...

Happy New Year, you probably fall asleep like the rest of the country, halfway through, but you will probably be woken up at five to twelve.

Regards, Willem


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