This is me 


Of course I want to tell something about myself, what I do in my spare time. What I do, what I experience and what I want. My name: Willem Fischer



I can hardly walk after a traffic accident. That's why I use a wheelchair. I have been with KRUIT for almost 20 years  communication design, worked. First in Woerden, then in Montfoort, after which we ended in The Hague. The company has stopped and everyone has gone their own way. I have worked at Kruit on various projects. A few examples are: Annual reports, magazines, house styles, company videos.




family life

We live in Boskoop with our wife and our two sons. Carola, my wife works in Rotterdam. She has a successful blog, carolabaktzoethoudertjes (December 2017 over 100,000 unique views). If you want to bake something, you should definitely take a look and be inspired later.


Pim our oldest son is studying Business Economics – third year – at the Hoge School in The Hague. He completed his propaedeutic year in one year and we are proud of that. Now he is doing an internship at a company in Mauritius for four months. You can follow him at

Koen, our youngest son, has passed his mavo diploma and continues at havo.  He's graduating this year at the  Erasmus College in Zoetermeer and we are proud of that too. 




Spare time

Sailing has always been a hobby of mine. Started in a lily barge of the sea scouts, then in a link, a salmon watch to the flying junior. Nowadays sailing together with sailing mate Henk in a keelboat, an old BM-er (16 squared). Every Sunday at half past nine we sail up the Westeinde with the sailboat.


We maintain the boat ourselves. So every year repair the damage and varnish the wood. The subship is invariably put in the anti-fouling every year by Gerald. 
Arthur sails along at least once a season. By the way, if you feel like sailing you can make a boarding appointment…





Another hobby is cooking which I enjoy doing. Finding fresh products on the market and then preparing them. Pamper family and friends. Summer beckons and then it's time to light the bbq in the evening after work. Yummy  in Boskoop with family and friends and when it's not too windy we'll add the fire pit  at. Can we sit outside for a long time?

Sailing with Joost's boat. A real Busch, the Poor man's Riva...


We play chess four times a year. But before playing chess, we enjoy dinner. We play chess in Amsterdam, Utrecht and here in Boskoop. 

In Amsterdam we take a boat trip on Joost's Yburg650 before the chess game.  His "Poor man Riva" made together with friends. The chess games are always very exciting, because everyone wants to win.