Bureau Green Award

I worked on the annual report for Bureau Green Award. The annual report is made with great creative freedom. The design is by colleague Henk Knoeff. I worked out the design and took care of the content.  

What is special about the printed matter is that it is printed in three PMS colours. The weight of the annual report, the band and the packaging has also been taken into account in order to optimize the costs of shipping.

From 2014 there is no longer a printed version of the annual report, but there is a digital version. A web app. Because you can download the web app on your mobile device, you can view the data offline. Working offline is an important requirement for the Green Award because ships do not always have an internet connection.


The annual report is made in Concrete5 an open source CMS. What is special about the annual report is that you can read it on all media. The technical part is made by dynamit.nl.


Annual Report 2015-2016

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