Purveyor to the Court

The coat of arms of the royal supplier has been digitized for the Royal House Service, among other things. It was one of my first assignments at Kruit. The coat of arms was photographed at a specialized company.


The photo is  scanned in high resolution. After this photo is in  photoshop  updated  and  converted  in  sizes and colors differ.



The scan was made detached in photoshop and the colors were converted to rgb and cmyk. The colors are also optimized. In addition to the color version, there is also a black and white version for printing.



Text can also be used when using the logo. The size of the text to be used is determined. The DVD contains various file formats for use. It is the intention that only these files are used, so that, among other things, the colors are as similar as possible.


On the exclusive DVD in blue sleeve  There are various file formats for print and digital use. It is the intention that the formats as on the DVD are used.


Royal House Service

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