Sports maps

For former colleague Guus  I came up with the workflow to create the posters ordered via the web in Adobe  inDesign to generate automatically.
You can personalize the posters yourself via a form that you fill in on the web. You can choose from:

  • route

  • format

  • background colour

  • name

  • finish time

  • own text


An excel document is generated from the website. The data from this excel document will be merged in InDesign into a PDF. The PDF is suitable for the various printers. Most posters are printed at the Resolution in Rijswijk, after which they are released into the wider world.

If you want to see how the work-flow for sporty  broadly works you can click on the button.


Sports maps

Help with your automated layout

Are you looking for someone to help you set up your automated layout in Adobe inDesign? Please contact me.