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Here you can see some examples of what I've been working on. Of course there is much more. These are some examples that I had the pleasure of working on. If you like, I'll just drop by and tell you about the projects and answer your questions.

Sports maps

Together with former colleague Guus  I came up with the workflow to automatically generate the posters ordered via the web via Excel and InDesign.

You can personalize the posters yourself via the web. You can choose from:

  • route

  • format

  • background colour

  • name

  • finish time

  • own text (included manually)

An excel document is generated from the website. This excel document is used to  merge data  in InDesign and generate a PDF.  Most posters are printed at the Resolution in Rijswijk, after which they are released into the wider world.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-23 om 16.01.20.

Government Information Service

For the Government Information Service I have the first and second at Kruit  help to make an annual overview of the Royal House. Two versions have been made. One for print and one digital version  for the  iPad.

The annual overview shows the calendar of the past year of the royal family. Supports with images and short texts.

On the iPad, more photos were shown in the printed book  and there were also short videos. When you get the  iPad tilted horizontally there was a large photo with no text to be seen.

No technical updates have been released, which is why the app is no longer in the  iTunes store can be found.


Royal House Service

Various monograms have been made for members of the royal family. The monograms are signed by the members themselves.


I copied the drawn sketches in Adobe Illustrator. The challenge was to maintain the same look and feel between the hand-drawn and digital versions. The crown is drawn by Hans Kruit. I converted this into a vector file. Together they form a beautiful whole.


After the final agreement I created different file formats, so that it can be used for almost anything  as on  printed matter, crockery and banners. 


Water Board Hollands Noorderkwartier

How high do you live?

For the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier I have, among other things, made personalized tiles for each home in the water board. The tile shows how high or low your home is in relation to the NAP.

An excel document with the names, addresses were  combined with data from the web.

More than 1,200 tiles have been digitally printed  and coated with lacquer,  by Repro van de Kamp. The shipment was done by Senz Grafische Partners in Woerden.  

As far as I know, no broken tiles have arrived at the customers of the water board.  

There are also some special plates from  enamel  made for town halls and libraries.

Not only special products, but also a staff magazine with often beautiful photos.

Den Haag

Municipality of The Hague

For the municipality of The Hague I have the first
created e-pub. It is the 2013 budget.
E-pub format
  was new and a possible replacement for the interactive PDF. E-pub is partly based on HTML and therefore platform independent. This is one of the reasons expectations were high.  


What was special about this e-pub was the possibility to navigate through the budget in different ways. The e-pub works on many types of operating systems.


The e-pub is made with various software packages such as Adobe indesign and Caliber.

Alderman Sander Dekker has made an introduction video about the e-pub. In it he proudly tells about the municipality of The Hague and the e-pub.

Coverbegroting 2013.jpg


For former colleague Bianca Boverhoff-van der Meer. I built her website. The website is made in wix (web-based).


The big advantage is that you don't have to do any technical maintenance yourself and you can focus completely on the content. This saves a lot of time in the long run. Wix also has plenty of options to build a good website. 


I also made a wix site for Christiene Everaars, Bianca's business partner. The Bianca site was used as a template for this.  


A difference with Bianca's website is that it has a built-in blog.  Christiene has so far chosen not to be found by search engines. 


Bureau Green Award annual report

In December 2018, Bureau Green Award got a new website. Because two years only a digital version of the  annual report was made in a CMS (Concrete5), these had to be converted into a PDF.  

The annual reports have been produced by Kruit since 1999. The  designs are made by Henk Knoeff, after which I work it out further. Until 2016, in addition to a digital version, there was also a printed version.


In 2014 -2016 a web app was created. These have recently been converted to a PDF. I copied the old design in Adobe inDesign, so that it can be used as a PDF. The annual reports can be downloaded as PDF from the new website.


Stedin building in Rotterdam

The glass transparent walls in the Stedin building in  Rotterdam was a problem. Sometimes someone bumped into the glass wall.


To prevent this, there is a foil with bulbs  glued to the walls throughout the building. It's still transparent but no one is hitting the walls anymore  on in the building.

The spheres are derived from the spheres in the Stedin logo. Scolor from Amsterdam stuck the foil on the windows and that was quite a job...



For Euroma I made a film that had to be used at a trade fair. The film had to run on a screen in the background on the stand with and without music.


No video was available at the time. Hans shot some images in the factory. The video consists mainly of photos that have been color corrected so that it becomes a whole. I used Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere for this.

Spice company.jpg

Our oldest son did an internship in Mauritius. For his internship project we made his website together. He can maintain this website wherever he has an internet connection. To be  website has a number of permanent pages and a blog.

After the design, he only needs to provide content. After his internship in Mauritius, he has plans to go on holiday in the summer  to do an internship in Cambodia, in preparation for his final internship (2020) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Finance & Control).

Middel 1_3x.png

catholic jenaplan primary school
the Seven Leap

In my spare time I make the school guide for the Catholic Jenaplan primary school De Zevensprong in Boskoop.

You can download the school guide as a PDF from the website. If you want a printed copy, it will be printed for you at Zevensprong. The school provides the text and the photos, after which I put it together. I have enjoyed making the school guide for years.


If you are curious about the school guide of the Zevensprong  2018/19 then you can download the guide here.


Willem Fischer

Calville 47

2771 PL  Boskoop

+31 6 39 75 1290

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