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Ice skating is fun. Want to join?

Hendrick Avercamp, Winter landscape with skaters 

Hi Nathalie,

Last week, Friday December 18 I had an operation. The plates and screws form a nice position. Thursday December 31 I will be back in the hospital for a check-up and removal of stitches. Maybe I can make it into a horror movie ...

The doctor was very positive and over three
months I have to go back. All responsability 
is now in the hands of the physiotherapist...


Thank you for remembering my birthday, as you know time is relative. So thank you for the Facebook birthday card. Hope you are all fine and yes the weather machine is still under construction as so are many things.

Just now I heard that because of COVID I have to stay inside the rehabilitation til at least the 14 of January. I have not been outside since Christmas. It feels terrible to stay inside and not allowed to go outside. To see the birds, trees, feel the wind and clean your lungs. Nobody is content with the situation and hopefully it will be over soon so everybody is free to travel again.


Beer drinking

Yes I would have been fun if you were here. We could drink a nice special beer and do a lot of things.

Just in case I show you some examples I have here in the rehabilitation house in stock. Yes, I like them all. You as a beer lover will love them too. Drinking a beer on the sofa. dreaming and a talking about the past, the future. Eating nice snacks or maybe even a pizza. Before going to bed we drink a Jägermeister out of the freezer. 

I just got a nice present from a nurse out of Hungary. It is a cherry likeur. (30%) Maybe this will be nice to drink too.



Willem Fischer

Ledeganckplein 15-D

2524 CP Den Haag

+31 (0)6 39 751 290

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